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#11 – The Ice in Our Brakes

…in which Mike fails to go to the International Winter Cycling Congress, and Randy gets heckled for his bad taste in duct tape-covered pants.

  • More on winter storms and deep snow. For some reason, Mike starts talking about Little House on the Prairie.
  • We both want fat bikes.
  • We mentioned a documentary on the Iditasport Impossible race called A Thin White Line.
  • High-quality bikes for kids: Islabikes! Maybe even fatbikes that fit kids, from the extra-small 9:Zero:7 or the Baby Fatty.
  • More on balance bikes, training wheels, and growing kids.
  • Freezing cables and ice chunks that want to disable our brakes.

#10 – Giant Boxes of Death (and Training Wheels!)

…in which we discuss aggressive behaviour of motorists, and related exchanges of expletives, gestures, and intimidation tactics.  Then we tell stories about teaching kids to ride bikes!

#6 – Winter Wonderland

…in which Randy finds a new route to work after a snowstorm, and Mike makes up plausible-sounding theories about why his bike is faster when the temperature goes up:

Next time: historical tidbits and a debate on the merits of blinking lights!