#32 – Tunes from Nantucket

…in which Randy goes on vacation, and makes his kids ride fifteen miles per day. Mike punctures a tire, and finds a new way of getting around.

  • Headphones and speakers, Bluetooth and otherwise.
  • Children are tailgaters. Beware the stop signs!
  • Mike blames Ira Glass for ruining his hearing.
  • Car noise and conversations between cyclists in single file.
  • Encyclopedia Brown always rode his bike everywhere, unsupervised by adults. Why can’t our kids do that today?
  • Mike likes Lezyne glueless patches, maybe because he doesn’t know how to use the old ones properly.
  • There’s a new bike rack at Randy’s son Max’s school, but the placement of it leaves something to be desired.
  • Keeping battery-powered lights charged becomes more difficult the more bikes there are in the group. Don’t point your flashing lights at your friends and family!
  • We mentioned a depressing article about a cyclist killed by a police officer — who will not be charged, and another about the circumstances of cyclist deaths in the US.
  • We also talked about an article about the fact that nobody has yet died on a bike-share bike in the US.
  • Until next time: PMC on Hubway & Boris vs Ventoux.