#31 – Uitgezonderd Fietsers

…in which we hear about Mike’s trip to Amsterdam, and the new bike his family bought there:


  • If you’re interested, Randy wrote up his review of the Pan-Mass Challenge, which we talked about last week.
  • A visit to the WorkCycles shop in the Jordaan, featuring some strange spokes on a very odd bicycle. Here’s a photo of Mike’s family in front of the shop, with the bikes we rented from them:


  • Sheldon Brown’s POWerwheels!
  • Randy explains why it might makes sense to run red lights sometimes.
  • Mike tells how it works to let all the cyclists at an intersection go at the same time. David Hembrow does it better.
  • Randy prepares for his own summer vacation, and tells us about his cargo trailer. We hope it will survive: