#28 – Body parts may be sheared off

…in which Randy has the greatest day of his life, despite the speedy biting flies in the woods.

  • An optimist and a pessimist discuss existential qualities of the passing of time, and also terms used in framing construction.
  • Randy replaces a chainring again, and discovers that we were wrong about the threading of bottom bracket sides last week.  We said that the right side threads were right-handed, and the left side threads were left-handed, but it’s actually the other way around.  When the bearings are rolling properly, the inside surface of the bearings are actually tightening the bottom bracket in the opposite direction of the motion of the cranks and pedals.  This has nothing to do with quarks.
  • We debate the relative merits of front and rear derailleurs, with a mention of half-step gearing.  We do not recommend front shifts with fingers.
  • Which bicycles are the most dangerous when on a work stand?  Probably fixed-gear bikes.  Not ones with full chaincases.
  • Apologies to anyone who followed that last link.
  • Foreign objects get jammed in the spokes of bikes in movies.  Exhibit 1: Breaking Away.  Also, Raiders of the Lost Ark, which was tested out by the Mythbusters.
  • Randy survives his saddle being sheared off while riding (on the greatest day of his life!)
  • The Pan-Mass Challenge is happening in one month!  Donate to Randy & Julie‘s ride!
  • 27.2mm seatpost diameter comes from 1-1/8″ seat tube outside diameter (0.7mm thickness).
  • Randy’s theory of smooth shifting.  This is made more difficult when there’s no saddle.
  • Mike thinks riding a bike with no hands out of the saddle sounds impossible, until Randy explains that it’s done without pedalling.  A kid with a creaky suspension bike made a video to show us all how it’s done.
  • Picking up someone at the airport on a bicycle.
  • Dogs!
  • Running over small animals.  Beware, chipmunks!
  • Here’s the story of the one-armed man who got stopped for only having one hand brake.