#27 – Flywheels & Flailing Arms

…in which Randy runs to work, because riding a bike is too easy.

  • Mike used to ride to work so that he would still be able to breathe after two minutes of dancing.
  • Randy continues to debate which trailer he likes better: Surly or Bikes at Work.  Apparently, Mr Money Moustache has one.
  • Even the four-wheeled Bikes at Work 96ADW trailer has nothing on Nico Jungel’s machine from Berlin.
  • Mike has some trouble securing cargo on his trailer.  Maybe the Jyrobike flywheel could help…
  • We swear off talking about misbehaving drivers, then immediately talk about misbehaving drivers.
  • Replacing drivetrain parts is like pulling a thread.
  • Magnets are useful for picking up small parts dropped on the lawn.
  • If anyone knows what kind of grocery delivery bike appeared in Harriet the Spy, we’d like to know!