#24 – King of the Door Zone

…in which we continue last week’s conversation about teaching kids to ride safely on the road, and Randy actually skips a day of riding his bike to work!

    • Mike talks about his garage being demolished, and the ensuing bicycle storage and security problems.
    • Randy gives us an update on the slow progress of the planning for his new shed, and all the treasures that were hiding underneath the old one.
    • The advantages of unheated bicycle storage.
    • A top ten list of things we yell at our kids to keep them out of trouble on the street.
    • We mentioned the FollowMe Tandem coupler for linking a small bike to a large one, which led to a mention of the theft of Emily Finch’s famous bakfiets in Portland last year. (Mike incorrectly repeated the idea that it had been left unlocked).
    • Who should have priority when bicycles meet on a hill?
    • The kids are starting to do tricks on their bikes!
    • We have a brief, highly speculative discussion about metabolism.  For some real information on that, you could try reading a book by Gary Taubes (if you’ve got a month or so to kill…)