#23 – “I Cycle Safely”

…in which we while away the hour talking about teaching kids how to not get run over by cars.

  • 23 skidoo!
  • Randy considers a radical idea for staying safe on the road. The only real problem is his man-purse… (Note: the word on one of the vests in this overtaking study is “POLITE”)
  • Mike gets all riled up about a safe-bicycling pamphlet distributed at his son’s school.
  • We mentioned David Hembrow’s description of what the “strict liability” law in the Netherlands is really all about.
  • Both of us seem to have trouble keeping our helmets from banging into things.
  • For people interested in teaching kids to cycle safely, John Forester’s Elementary-Level Cyclist Training Program might be of interest.
  • Randy tells the tale of an unfortunate incident involving a chain, a derailleur, a birthday, and bad repair timing. (Here’s an example, though not the one in question)
  • Last, but not least…escaping wheels!