#21 – Have you tried turning it off and on again?

…in which we find out why Mike uses a hammer to work on his bike, and Randy tells of a close encounter with a train.

  • Canadian football is played on a field 110 yards (not meters!) long.
  • Randy had broken the front giant fender on his Pugsley. Now he breaks the rear one, too. Sad.
  • People ask inane questions about repairing bikes. People are idiots — including us!
  • Randy considers the idea of having a bike devoted to not crashing.
  • We recorded the show onĀ National Bike to Work Day (in the US; Bike to Work Week in Winnipeg is next month).
  • We discuss feelings of ambivalence about riding bikes among text-messaging drivers, and the lack of proper infrastructure for transportation cycling in North America.
  • Randy sees kids riding to school in a large group, and we talk about our own kids riding to school.
  • We have a sponsor: StemCAPtain! You can have a clock, a compass, or even a thermometer mounted on the top of your stem! For a 15% discount, use the offer code “SPOKESANDWORDS”!
  • Wheels without spokes: Loopwheels & Softwheels!
  • A flat on a fatbike. Does that make it a “flatbike”?