#20 – Beeswax and Bottle Openers

…in which we learn how Mike pronounces his surname, and Randy huffs paint thinner on his way to work.

  • More on stolen and abandoned bicycles.  Mike made a photo gallery of bikes he found one day in Winnipeg, and mentioned an article about bike locks (and bike thieves).
  • Randy continues to lust after the fancy Surly trailer hitch.
  • Adventures in wheel truing, or “How does one free a frozen (spoke) nipple?”
  • Chain tensioners that don’t fit, and cleverly-angled dropouts.
  • Changing chainrings, or “How does that chainring nut wrench work?”
  • Basically, we’re having trouble with threads getting stuck this week.
  • The “LESS CAR, MORE GO” Kickstarter has been funded!
  • A lightweight fat bike?