#19 – Spherical Rubber Lollipops

…in which Randy decides he wants an Ice Cream Truck to replace his six-week old fat bike, and Mike encounters a mystery bike in the woods.

  • Kickstands are good for cargo bikes!
  • Trailer hitches!
  • We discuss bike snobbery, with a brief mention of BikeSnobNYC.
  • There are now lots of different Surly Bikes.
  • Mike explores Winnipeg’s bicycle graveyard, and sees evidence of thievery.
  • Springtime is here, and that means…things getting dropped out of bakfietsen.
  • Randy mentions a collection of photos showing wonderful cycling infrastructure.
  • New rail trails are being built in Massachusetts!
  • Rotaries, roundabouts, and other traffic “circles”.  We talk about some badly designed ones, but to see some examples of how to make a good one, see A View From the Cycle Path.
  • Kickstarter projects of interest: Loud Bicycle (see also AirZound) & bicymple (see also other articulated trick bicycles).  Listeners might also be interested in the LESS CAR, MORE GO documentary.