#14 – Ghost Train

…in which we debate the finer points of the by-laws of Mudwater.  And also a brief discussion of cycling!

  • Mike has some trouble with ice caused by spring freeze-thaw cycles in alleys that haven’t been cleared of snow.
  • Randy goes on an adventure in the woods, and invents some new trick moves on ice, with a brief stop near Chernobyl.
  • Mike mentioned an advantage of a tricycle in climbing hills, and made reference to an article about Sheldon Brown’s Greenspeed.
  • We discuss a bicycle drivetrain puzzle that you can try out on your own bike(s)!
  • We talk about cycling promotion events in general, and the upcoming 30 Days of Biking, in which we pledge to ride our bikes every day in April to benefit Free Bikes 4 Kidz.
  • Randy and his wife are both riding in the Pan Mass Challenge.  As a result, Another New (used) Bike!
  • Should one buy a Princess Bike from Toys’R’Us?  (Hint: Try to find one at a real bike shop…)