#7 – Bunny-Hopping the Polar Vortex

…in which Randy’s goggles don’t just fog up, they get coated in ice, and Mike is schooled in the theory of curb-jumping.

  • On New Year’s Eve, Winnipeg was colder than Mars.
  • What’s worse in a balaclava — boogers or peanut butter?
  • Randy hits a milestone for the year 2013 with carefully recorded data; Mike makes a rough estimate wild guess, and comes up with the same number.
  • We make a brief reference to Freddie Hoffman, who has ridden a distance equivalent to not one, but two round trips to the moon.
  • Mike rescues a minivan with his new portable shovel.
  • Randy tries to convince Mike to have more fun in the snow.
  • We theorize that wheelies are impossible on bakfietsen, but it turns out that it can be done!
  • Randy finally gets to try riding a fat bike in the snow!