#4 – WD-40 And Duck Tape

  • Mike explains what makes a Dutch bike.  For an even better explanation, try reading one of these articles from Clever Cycles and A View From the Cycle Path.
  • Randy almost drove to work because he was sick and it was raining, but didn’t!
  • When it’s raining, freezing, melting, freezing, raining, it’s hard to decide on tires.
  • Cleaning your chain is more important than lubing it.  But perhaps the lube cleans it?  Mike referred to some research on the efficiency of bicycle chains done at Johns Hopkins, which had some surprising findings regarding chain lube.  And no discussion of bicycle chains would be complete without referring to Sheldon Brown’s exhaustive article (heavily annotated by John Allen), which features such techniques as cleaning a chain in a soda bottle and boiling it in soap.
  • What’s in our tool bags? (Hint: mostly spare tubes and a pump).
  • Randy is excited to try out his new (Canadian) boots! Kamik – Canucks.